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LOS ANGELES, Oct 26, 2021 / PRNewswire / – By November 2nd to November 5th this year the Aquatech Amsterdam International Exhibition takes place. As one of the most anticipated annual events in the global water purification industry, each year the exhibition welcomed Thousands of world-class water treatment companies in over 100 countries and regions worldwide. Waterdrop, along with other brands in the water treatment industry, will showcase its new black water treatment technology at booth 05.126. this year.

Waterdrop offers the water purification solution for the whole house

From market debut to technology leadership
After the first tankless water filter G3 was launched on Amazon in the US, Waterdrop successfully won the Red Dot Design Award, which had excellent sales in the market. Waterdrop water filters guaranteed 100% safety from materials to filtration, all of which ensured NSF 58 and NSF 372 certification. Further product features of G3 here.

Based on ensuring safety and an efficient water filtration system, Waterdrop continues to innovate in technology, investing millions of dollars annually in improving technology and production capacity to meet consumer needs for various water solutions.

Waterdrop digs deeply into the pain points of the user, such as frequent filter changes, high waste water content and large space problems during use. Based on the innovative waterdrop technology, the new series of reverse osmosis water filters D6 was successfully launched on the market in 2020. D6 is equipped with a 5-in-1 compound reverse osmosis filter. The 0.0001 micron pore size of the DOW reverse osmosis membrane means it can effectively filter out most of the harmful contaminants present with a filter cartridge. There is also improved efficiency which is evident in the 1.5: 1 wastewater ratio. As a result, the system saves 450% more water than traditional household water filter models. It also comes with a built-in pump that delivers filtered water instantly – it only takes 8 seconds to fill a glass. The D6 was designed to meet the requirements Customers Water needs in various locations including cooking, drinking, and other diverse water requirements. The stainless steel faucet is intelligent and offers real-time TDS monitoring. Customers can also track filter life in real time. D6 has it all user ever safe, healthy, and great tasting water for the Family. Also click to learn more about the water drop D6 RO water filter.

New era of integration of cooling, heating and cleaning in one
Waterdrop is expected to introduce another new product at the Aquatech Amsterdam International Exhibition – the G4 under-sink heated RO water filter. There are many things to love about this system, but what stands out is its ability to deliver cold, hot, and purified water all at once. Its built-in intelligent constant heating mode means Customers can get pure warm water of 40-95 degrees, depending on your preference. The faucet is 100% touch screen; persons can set up the water intake in a few simple steps. Additionally, user can track water quality, temperature and filter life from the screen. The G4 product is something you should definitely keep an eye on and its unveiling will be one of the highlights of the fair.

One of the biggest names in the industry, Waterdrop is backed by global design, R&D, manufacturing and sourcing resources. Waterdrop is dedicated to providing comprehensive intelligent water purification solutions for the whole home. The products are currently achieving high sales in North America, South America, Europe, the middle East, Asia and other countries and regions trusted by millions of families around the world.

Over the years, Waterdrop has researched, designed, manufactured, and commercialized over 200 different water purification products, from reverse osmosis water filtration systems and whole home water filtration systems to water filter jugs, faucet water filters, refrigerator water filters, undersink filtration systems, and outdoor filtration systems. The brand has more than 100 patents from different countries around the world and has been certified by several international authoritative certification organizations in the field of water filters such as NSF, CSA, WQA, WRAS and UL. In addition, Waterdrop water filters have passed the FCC and (EC) 1935/2004 food test. The acquisition of any qualification is strong evidence of product quality. Find out more about the well-known manufacturer Water purification products Here.

In addition to providing easy access to safe and clean water for everyone, Waterdrop is committed to helping people from different parts of the world enjoy the happiness of a beautiful life through a simple glass of water.

Read more about Waterdrop and products at https://www.waterdropfilter.com.

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