Local teen wins Hero to Animals award for vegan food truck


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July 20, 2022

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Orange County, California – A Hero to Animals award from PETA is on its way to Tabay Atkins, a 16-year-old local whose vegan food truck, Tabay’s mindful kitchenfuels diners’ demand for delicious cuisine that’s good for animals, the environment and your own health.

Tabay made headlines for becoming the youngest certified yoga teacher in the US at just 10 years old, and now he’s one of the youngest restaurateurs in the country. As he explains, after her successful battle with cancer, his mother turned to yoga to help her heal and he was inspired to do the same – and then the couple quickly went vegan. Now, when Tabay isn’t working as the face of Nike Yoga, he’s wowing people up with his new food truck’s diverse vegan menu, from the veggie-filled Pier Bowl with “teriyummy” sauce to BabaJoon’s BBQ Bacon Burger, complete with an onion ring right on top the patty. And he has a lot more plans, his first cookbook is already in the works.

“The food I offer at Tabay’s Mindful Kitchen is delicious home cooking that we all know and love,” Tabay tells PETA. “Pre-vegans eat my food and they can’t even say it’s vegan. They enjoy the food so much that they keep coming back. Every vegan meal they eat in my food truck is a non-vegan meal that they don’t eat anywhere else.”

“Tabay Atkins is leading the way as a young restaurateur, showing everyone how easy and delicious it is to go vegan, one veggie dog or tuna wrap at a time,” said Marta Holmberg, senior director of youth programs at PETA. “PETA recognizes him for being an example to young people by using his creativity and culinary skills to make the world a better place for animals.”

PETA points out that in today’s meat, egg and dairy industries, people who adopt a vegan diet spare nearly 200 animals daily suffering and a horrific death; reduce their carbon footprint, as livestock is responsible for almost a fifth of all human-caused greenhouse gas emissions; and drastically reduce their risk of developing diabetes, heart disease, various types of cancer and stroke.

PETA – whose motto is in part that “animals are not ours to eat or otherwise abuse” – opposes speciesism, a worldview dominated by humans. For more information, please visit PETA.org or follow the group Twitter, Facebookor Instagram.


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