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Horticultural therapy is a formal practice that promotes natural wellbeing. The focus is on goal-oriented activities with defined outcomes that encourage participants to engage with the nature around us. Plants are part of our natural world and have always been an important part of life. Historically they have provided food, medicine and shelter, whereas today they are often removed from our daily lives. It seems that every day is insufficient to complete the necessary chores at home and at work, so our leisure time has also been affected. Our levels of fear, stress and impatience increase and we look for immediate solutions to all aspects of our lives.

What we should perhaps do is pause, reconsider our priorities, and basically slow down the merry-go-round of life. When was the last time you charged your personal batteries? Why not spend a little each day doing therapy just for you? Maybe a bit of herbal activity is worth trying. Horticultural therapy is a recognized way to improve your quality of life mentally, physically, mentally and socially.

Learning horticultural therapy is a recognized and important part of becoming a horticultural professional. It’s even better to share this journey with community members.

Our session last week was a complete success. The focus of the activity was to create happiness with customers by planting a selection of flower bulbs, who should continue to bring the essence of spring into the home for the next several months. We called the spring winter planting session and we really did. All participants enjoyed the process of beginning life by planting dormant flower bulbs in warm, moist media that reminded us of the scents of spring even. Part of the discussion was about how much plants look like humans, as both need sun, nutrients, water, warmth and of course a little love. Even more beneficial is the care these plants receive over time by ensuring that they continue to be cared for by the customers who are at a time in their life when others are caring for them as well.

There will be more benefits in the near future as the bulbs will amaze us all with their miraculous growth and wonder of producing beautiful, fragrant flowers. We shared a gift that really passes on. The social interaction of the session was filled with smiles, laughter, and excitement.

We hope that by sharing a little more about horticultural therapy with you in this section, we will also arouse your interest in perhaps trying out horticultural therapy in your life. Next week, keep an eye out for the column that continues to have a little more on horticultural therapy.

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