Martha Stewart’s Super Bowl Brunch was all about vegan egg sandwiches


This weekend, Martha Stewart and friends enjoyed vegan egg sandwiches during a pre-Super Bowl brunch hosted by the lifestyle guru in Los Angeles. The sandwiches featured JUST Egg Folded (a vegan mung bean egg substitute), a crunchy hash brown, avocado aioli and a touch of tangy pico de gallo on a vegan brioche bun. The sandwiches were expertly prepared and delivered by Chef Matthew Kenney’s Plant Food + Wine Venice, an upscale vegan restaurant.

The brunch was co-hosted by supermarket chain Ralphs as part of The Kroger Co.’s Zero Hunger/Zero Waste campaign, which aims to eliminate food waste while creating communities free of hunger by 2025, with nonprofit Los Angeles Mission guests ate vegan egg sandwiches and other brunch foods, listened to live music, and made packed lunches to people experiencing hunger and homelessness in the Los Angeles area. Ralphs also donated $100,000 to support the lifesaving work of the Los Angeles Mission.

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“When we heard that Martha Stewart and Ralphs are hosting an event to honor two incredible football teams and with a friendly competition packaging fresh meals for those struggling with hunger in the Big Game host city, something makes sense to return, we had to be there. Andrew Noyes, head of global communications at JUST Egg-maker Eat Just, told VegNews. “We are grateful to have played a humble role in what was a fun and impactful morning, and to support an initiative aligned with our mission to build a fairer and more equitable food system.”

In addition to hosting this brunch event, Stewart and longtime friend Snoop Dogg reunited to host the annual Puppy Bowl to help his adoptable puppy contestants find forever homes.


Martha Stewart’s Vegan Ventures

For several years, Stewart has been open about the environmental benefits of plant-based meat. In early 2020, Stewart partnered with Subway to promote the launch of the Subway Beyond Meatball Marinara — made with vegan meatballs by Beyond Meat, a vegan company that counts the lifestyle guru as an investor — at the sandwich chain’s Canadian locations . Subway expanded the meatless sandwich across Canada (which has since disappeared from the menu) after testing it at 685 North American locations in 2019.

Later in 2020, Stewart continued her partnership with Beyond Meat to promote the retail adoption of the Beyond Breakfast Sausage, creating new recipes featuring the vegan sausage and sharing them with fans to help fight the importance of reducing meat consumption of climate change.

Stewart is also an investor in burger chain Burgerfi, an early-entry adopter of the plant-based switch, which added the Beyond Burger to its menu in 2017. “I think [vegan meat] has a lot of potential,” said the 80-year-old wealth in 2021. “I’m an investor in Beyond Meat and have been trying older products for a number of years. For vegetarians, for people who like the idea of ​​a hamburger but don’t like the idea of ​​meat, it’s such a beautiful answer.”

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Snoop Dogg, co-host of Stewart’s Puppy Bowl, is also an investor and ambassador for Beyond Meat and has promoted its vegan products at various events over the past few years, including his 2019 Grammy Awards party and a personal appearance at a Dunkin’ Location after the Beyond Sausage Breakfast Sandwich came on the menu.

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