Mayor Jay Gillian: Proud of everything we’ve accomplished

Ocean City Mayor Jay Gillian is seeking re-election. (Photo courtesy of Jay Gillian for Mayor.

Appointed and paid for by the Committee for the Re-election of Jay A. Gillian

Dear friend:

As we approach the municipal elections on May 10th, I would like to address you one last time to respectfully ask for your vote for another term as mayor of this beautiful community.

I am proud of everything we have achieved together during my time as mayor.

I intend to continue to aggressively address our key infrastructure needs, including continued road and drainage improvements, beach and dune maintenance, dredging of our back bays and lagoon areas, acquisition and protection of parks and open spaces, recreation improvements, and continued boardwalk improvements, including even more public toilet facilities .

Finally, I will continue to fight to preserve the unique character of our community and to protect the special quality of life we ​​enjoy here.

We have demonstrated that if managed properly, these material improvements can be achieved and we can continue to maintain our stable and reasonable tax rate, record cash balance and strong bond rating.

You can be assured that I and my professional management team will work tirelessly to maintain the civic services that keep Ocean City clean and safe, with service excellence and a quality of life that is the envy of the area.

As I have traveled all over the city during this campaign, I would like to thank those of you who took the time to meet me. I have had the absolute privilege of speaking to many of you and I truly recognize and share your love for this city. Thank you for listening to the truth of my vision for our city and not being swayed by the spread of rumors and untruths that are in no way part of my mission.

It is disappointing to me and many of you with whom I have met that my opponent has not focused on discussing our visions for the future of this fellowship. Unfortunately, my opponent has chosen to spread untrue allegations and rumours.

Once and for all:

— Neither my business partner nor I have any plans to build a skyscraper in Ocean City. Such constructions are not allowed in any zone. And I’m opposed to changing the character of our community through high-rise development.

— Neither my business partner nor I have any plans to build hotels or condos in Wonderland. Such buildings are not permitted in the promenade zone. And I’m against changing the character of our community with hotels or condos on the boardwalk.

— I will never support changes to Ocean City’s alcohol ban.

— There is no secret plan to accept waste water from Upper Township at the Ocean City Wastewater Treatment Plant.

I encourage you to ask yourself a few questions before you vote for mayor.

First, while my opponent was calling for changes, did they articulate or define any specific changes they would make? The answer is no.

Second, is Ocean City better off now than it was before I was mayor? I propose that we be clear on infrastructure, amenities, drainage, the condition of our beach, dunes, boardwalk and Back Bay areas, downtown, our recreation facilities, and our finances. We remain a clean and safe community with services and a quality of life that is the envy of the region.

I respectfully ask for your vote for mayor on May 10th so I can continue to work with all of you to move Ocean City forward. Please also remind your family, friends and neighbors of the importance of voting.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at 609-554-0015 or [email protected]

Best regards,

Mayor Jay A Gillian


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