McDonald’s is adding vegan McPlant burgers to the menu at select Victorian stores


After much online speculation, McDonald’s has confirmed the arrival of a popular burger in Australia. But there’s a catch.

After days of speculation on social media, McDonald’s Australia has confirmed the arrival of the McPlant burger on its menu – but there’s a catch.

Keen-eyed customers spotted the plant-based burger, co-developed with vegan meat substitute maker Beyond Meat and previously unavailable Down Under, on Uber Eats last week.

Now the fast-food giant has announced that McPlant is indeed on the menu – but will only be available in Victorian restaurants.

The burger consists of a “juicy” plant-based patty of peas, rice, potatoes and beetroot paired with all the classics – tomatoes, lettuce, pickles and onions – a “mayonnaise-like” sauce, ketchup, mustard and a slice of American cheese, all on a sesame bun.

In order for the burger to be truly vegan, guests must remove the cheese and mayonnaise.

“Macca’s is constantly testing new menu items and flavors as part of its ongoing commitment to innovation and choice,” a spokeswoman said in a statement.

“McPlant offers customers another delicious menu option alongside their usual favorites.”

TikTok users World Vegan Guides tried the burger in one Video “legit” and “unreal” in her opinion – although adding some “vegan tasty cheese” required it.

In the comments below the clip, people agreed, writing that Macca’s Australia “needs to bring the vegan cheese and mayo like Britain did.”

“I’m dying to try this, but my Macca hasn’t made it yet,” complained one.

Another said the burger “has to come to Sydney”.

It’s not the first time McDonald’s has offered a veggie patty — the Golden Arches tested the McVeggie with a potato, pea, corn, carrot and onion patty here in 2020, before launching it from last July have taken from the menu.

Victorian customers can find the McPlant at all 270 restaurants in the state through the MyMacca and McDelivery app today through Tuesday, November 1.


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