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Date of publication: 09/28/2021

Vox has argued that the labeling of plant-based products with meat-based names “confuses” consumers in Spain

The far-right political party Vox has put a proposal to the House of Representatives to strictly regulate the way vegetarian and counterfeit meat products are named and to ban products such as “vegan meatballs” and “tofu sausages”. The party’s chairman, Santiago Anascal, was quick to point out that he was not fundamentally against these foods, only the use of words indicating meat in the titles of products made from plants.

According to Vox, these vegan and vegetarian products are being marketed under an “inappropriate and false” name that has caused conflict in the meat sector, and their leader has argued that while meatless sausages, hamburgers, etc., while containing a significant amount of protein, they point in in no way have the same nutritional values ​​as their carnivorous counterparts. If it is a completely different product, their names must also be completely different, emphasized Mr Abascal.

Products with the label “soy milk” or “tofu cheese” can no longer be found in supermarkets due to European regulations, since names that allude to dairy products can only be of animal origin. Enforcing the same rules in the meat market will, according to Vox, “avoid consumer confusion” and eliminate any possibility of misleading advertising.

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