Nationwide pilot project to test new quality indicators in elderly care



Nationwide pilot project to test new quality indicators in elderly care

Elderly care providers across Australia have the opportunity to volunteer for a nationwide pilot study of quality indicators for elderly care due to begin in January 2022.

A national consortium that includes SAHMRI’s Registry of Senior Australians (ROSA), the University of Queensland and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) is conducting the study as part of the Australian government’s response to the Royal Commission’s final recommendations on quality and safety Start care for the elderly.

The partnership is currently conducting extensive evidence gathering in advance of the study. Gill Caughey, Associate Professor at ROSA, said the six-week pilot will help expand the National Mandatory Quality Indicators for Elderly Care (QI) program to include additional measures on quality of care and a quality of life tool for those in residential care for the elderly live, record. .

“The study will provide a comprehensive overview of the quality and safety of care in elderly care and will also include the development of quality indicators for home care services,” said A / Prof Caughey. The review of the evidence, the consultation and the study process are funded and monitored by the Ministry of Health.

The work is intended to build on the existing QI program to create a comprehensive evidence-based outcome monitoring system for elderly care across the country.

The system includes consumer experience or quality of life measures to ensure that the users’ opinions are heard. “This is an important step forward, indicating the collective recognition that older people in our society need and deserve higher standards of care and a higher quality of life,” said A / Prof Caughey.

Upon completion of the study, the consortium will review the results and present results to support government decisions on the inclusion of the new quality indicators as part of the QI program, which is extending the measures to all retirement homes in the country. Nursing services and outpatient care services.

“A successful geriatric care outcome monitoring system in Australia with a strong focus on quality improvement to enable the delivery of the highest standards of care and guide overall improvement across the sector through high quality evidence and data will result in an elderly care system that we can all be proud, ”said A / Prof Caughey.

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