NBA injuries are on the rise


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So much for getting back to normal, right? I, and probably many others, thought the 2021-22 season would be a step in the right direction if we leave the 2020-21 hit COVID-19 season behind and jump into the NBA scene we’re used to. Well I was wrong. The eased off-field restrictions and the return of fans to the arenas have led to the same (perhaps more) problems of last season, among other things. Players enter logs left and right with no near end. Hopefully things will go in the right direction and these players can stay healthy.

LeBron James, Coby White and Austin Rivers have all signed their way into the league’s health and safety logs for the past few days, and their absences could affect their respective teams in different ways.

White was in the process of re-acclimatizing himself after missing the first part of the season, and he played a minor role. His absence shouldn’t affect the Chicago Bulls’ +1200 odds of winning the Eastern Conference.

The same goes for Rivers, who has been an inconsistent player for the Denver Nuggets this season. He caught a couple of DNP CDs but didn’t put much on the table while playing. At the very least, Rivers is a seasoned body that could suck up minutes for a Nuggets team that is really injured. All in all, he is unlikely to move the needle at Denver’s -319 odds to reach the playoffs.

James’ arrival in the health and safety logs has a significant impact on the Lakers +750 championship odds. He has already missed a lot of games this season due to injuries and suspension, which has had an impact on the Lakers’ record. He’ll miss at least 10 games reports Adrian Wojnarowski from ESPN. So, if you’re still one of the few supporters of LeBron’s +6000 MVP odds to somehow get the Lakers ship in order and compete with them, then you should look at other options.


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