New book looks at children’s sleep problems


The new book ” Sleeping Like a Baby ” released on Monday combines traditional wisdom with the latest research and presents parents with a new approach to achieving longer naps and better night sleep for caregivers and babies.

The book, published by Penguin Random House India (PRHI), was written by infant and child sleep specialist Himani Dalmia and journalist and author Neha Bhatt. The book’s foreword was written by Professor James McKenna of the Mother-Baby Behavioral Sleep Laboratory.

Touted as a “groundbreaking book” in parenting, it serves as the ultimate bedside companion for parents, “packed with all the modern tools you need to bond with your children and enable age-appropriate sleep for their optimal growth.” ‘.

“Indian children are among the most sleepless children in the world: on average, they only sleep 8 hours a night instead of the mandatory 10–12 hours, apart from naps for younger children.

” In ‘Sleeping Like a Baby’ we tried to provide the answers to fix a broken system that is putting tremendous pressure and stress on mothers, babies and caregivers to adhere to unrealistic social standards, with disastrous results for physical and mental health. ” said Bhatt of the book.

With anecdotal insights, in-depth research and practical tips in an Indian context, it is intended to enable parents to adjust to their instincts and understand a child’s signals so that sleep struggles, moody days and sleepless nights are a thing of the past.

No memoirs or loosely argued expert opinion, the book is, according to publishers, full of research, but still extremely readable and written to a high standard by two established authors.

According to Dalmia, “ there is not a single Indian book on baby sleep ” and none of the international baby sleep books comes anywhere near “ conveying the unique, humane, biologically normal and effective formula that we have discovered and developed for babies and helping families sleep better ”. ‘Sleeping Like A Baby’ delves into baby sleep research, presenting multiple real life case studies that give parents the tools they need to adjust to their instincts and their babies’ cues to be to traverse these troubled waters with confidence and joy. ‘ ‘She added.

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