Nine houseplant jobs to keep them ‘alive and healthy’ this winter – ‘need time to rest’


In fact, overhydration can be extremely harmful. The expert said: “In general, your green beauties need less watering in the fall and winter. Therefore, reduce the amount you give your plants to drink. Dormant plants don’t need much water. In fact, too much of it will cause it to pool at the bottom of the pot and destroy the roots, resulting in stunted growth.

“As a rule of thumb, water your plants no more than every two weeks during the colder months. Succulents really only need a drink every four to six weeks, while cacti get by as long as a spring roll.

“Be careful of your watering routine for plants in warmer heated spaces as they may still dry out quickly.”

6. Think about the heating

When heating in the middle of winter, it is important to ensure that the plants do not dry out faster, especially if they are on the ground and near radiators.

To check they aren’t too dry, press a finger or thumb into the soil and rehydrate if necessary. Morag adds: “Plants in warm, heated rooms can dry out quickly.

“However, since they get a lot less sunlight during the colder seasons, they probably need less watering overall. It can be difficult to keep your houseplants healthy while also changing their living conditions, so be careful when it’s time to turn on the heat.”


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