North Myrtle Beach, SC is one of the best beach spots in the United States


North Myrtle Beach was named one of the best beach towns in the country.

North Myrtle Beach has been named one of the top beach towns in the country.

If you dream of a beach life, a South Carolina city is one of the best places to settle in in the United States, finds a new report.

North Myrtle Beach ranks fifth on a list of U.S. communities that have the best living conditions near the water, according to results released Wednesday by WalletHub personal finance website.

And Myrtle Beach wasn’t too far behind, taking a # 11 spot on the rankings.

The tourist destinations were named top waterfront spots after WalletHub said it surveyed 191 U.S. cities, including those near oceans and lakes. Each city received points in six categories: costs, weather, safety, economic opportunities, quality of life, and health and education.

Among the 145 oceanfront cities, North Myrtle Beach achieved a top 10 placement after being recognized for its pleasant weather and economy, a category that weighed population growth, unemployment, bankruptcy, and poverty rates. It also had some of the best health and educational opportunities, as the results show.

Myrtle Beach also received one of the highest ratings for the weather. It ousted North Myrtle Beach in the quality of life category, which was a measure of restaurants, music venues, recreational areas, and other attractions.

It’s not the first time a city in South Carolina has been recognized as a top location nationwide.

Last year, Charleston and Greenville were named the best cities for retirees. The separate studies by WalletHub and SmartAsset weighed costs, activities, and other factors, McClatchy News reported.

More recently, Charleston and Columbia have topped a list of the most desirable places for new graduates to start their careers.

And in May, a South Carolina beach was named the best in the country. Beachwalker Park on Kiawah Island made it into the top 10 on an annual list by Stephen Leatherman, a professor who studies sand, water quality, and safety along the U.S. coast, McClatchy News reported.

In the latest report, Port Royal was the only other city in South Carolina at # 94 to make WalletHub’s waterfront rankings.

Overall, Naples, Florida was the top city near the beach. The lowest place on the list went to Holiday, Florida, just outside Tampa.

When it comes to the best lakeside spots in the United States, North Carolina has two of the top 10. Cornelius and Davidson, located on Lake Norman about 20 miles north of Charlotte, ranked 5th and 6th, respectively, according to WalletHub.

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