Northwood Children’s Services is taking over The Hill’s day care programs



DULUTH, MN – Northwood Children’s Services announced Friday that it will be welcoming customers affected by the closure of The Hills Youth and Family Services.

The Hills, which ended its day care program last Friday, was forced to close its doors due to financial problems leaving dozens of children with nowhere to go.

Northwood President and CEO Richard Wolleat said they saw the void left by The Hills’ closure and believed they could fill it.

“We were naturally concerned about the 40 children who had been given services and who were no longer getting what they needed,” said Wooleat.

Northwood wanted to make sure the transition was as easy as possible for the affected children.

The Children’s Service Center will hire the same staff that worked with clients in the Hills and have negotiated leases to ensure they can use the same locations.

“They won’t notice a difference to the kids,” said Wooleat.

Northwood wanted to make sure that there wasn’t much time between the end of The Hills service and the start of Northwood.

“When you see 40 children in dire need of psychological treatment who one day have access to these services and one day they don’t, that wasn’t a big decision for our board of directors,” said Wooleat.

Northwood will resume services at the Rockridge, Denfeld and Hermantown locations previously occupied by The Hills on July 12th.



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