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With an apology and credit for this parody of Charlie Daniels.

The devil came north to Georgia looking for surveys to steal.

He was in trouble and may have lost his mind

while you’re still screaming “Stop the theft!”

When he came across a young man chopping wood and thinking deep thoughts

The devil then trumped on a hickory stump

And said, boss, let me tell you something

I guess you didn’t know, but I’m also a major player

And if you’re daring, I have this guy named Perdue

I bet this whole backwoods hellhole against other people’s gold

That I can make them all hate you…

Former President Donald Trump returned to Commerce on Saturday, March 26, making the final stop on his Myths and Enchantment Tales Non-Victory Tour.

And even as Mr. Trump’s closest advisers realize that his latest batch of conspiracy theories regarding the 2020 Georgia presidential campaign is starting to run out with all but his most ardent supporters, the former president doubles down and now churns out a whole new pack of untruths, just in time for the Georgia GOP primary on Tuesday, May 24

The president has endorsed seven candidates for Georgia office, with former US Senator David Perdue and UGA soccer hero Herschel Walker topping the Trump list. I don’t usually forecast that far ahead, but pre- and mail-in ballots begin in just six weeks, and based on current poll trends, only Walker seems likely to win the GOP US Senate nomination outright, with possibly two/three others Trump endorsing a more than decent chance of getting into a runoff. The former and still popular president (among many GOP voters) can go well one in seven here in the Peach State.

Trump is leading similar rounds of GOP fights and circular firing squads in several other states at the same time, during a mid-election year and a season when President Joe Biden and the National Democratic Party are in many ways operating as if they are walking wounded . But instead of focusing on this mess, runaway inflation and a hard-to-see foreign/national defense policy path, the former president seems more intent on settling old scores and splitting his claimed political party than the general election is in actually winning this fall.

And that Commerce visit was also preceded by a new pack of lies, this time designed to sabotage the Georgia Mental Health Parity Act (HB 1013). President Trump and his associates have made their way to state Senate hearings on the bill, which passed the Georgia House 177-3 with near-unanimous and bipartisan support, calling the proposed law a RINO Trojan horse that will force insurers to to fund sex reassignment surgery, counseling and related hormone therapies; and to decriminalize pedophilia as a medical condition rather than a crime. These allegations, as well as three pages of others against this respected bill, are all untrue.

The much-needed $29 million, aimed at improving mental health and addiction support services statewide, is being funded by (among others) Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Emory Healthcare, WellStar Health Systems, the Georgia Chamber of Commerce and the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce and Georgia Sheriffs’ Association solid backing, as well as an acting governor named Brian Kemp, who has also spoken of transforming mental health care… It’s time.

The boy said: My name is Briiine… and although it might be a sin,

I’ll take your bet you’ll regret it

‘Cause I’m the only one who proved Stacey Abrams can’t win…

Mr. President, since we know that running for the White House again in 2024 is high on your list, you might want to consider working on your tan and your golf for a while down in Mar-a-Lago work. Remember that after a tough defeat and a close race for the White House against then-US Senator John F. Kennedy in 1960, Nixon resigned from former Vice President Richard Nixon (having also lost the race for governor in California). ) and took time off from politics, and later came back tanned, rested and ready to take on the White House in 1968.

Keep feeding and acting crazy, and there are several much less pleasant trajectories that could lie ahead. You can grab a good barbecue while in Commerce. Safe flight home, sir.

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Bill Crane is a syndicated columnist based in Decatur. He’s worked in politics for both Democrats and Republicans, respects the process, and will try to give you some things to think about. Your thoughts and replies to his opinions are also welcome, [email protected]


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