Pa. Lawmakers are pushing to make the sale of fireworks illegal



It’s not just dogs.

Marie Elcin, an Old Richmond resident, saw her cat be affected by the blasts.

“You can see fear in his body as he sneaks away and hides under a chair,” Elcin said. “It’s this image of him slimming and toning his body that makes me think about how this happens to all of us. Whenever we hear that sound, the boom, it puts everyone in a fight-or-flight mode. “

The cat owner can tell the difference between fireworks and gunfire, but she said the loud noise still makes her cramped.

But not everyone finds fireworks stressful. Trisha Crowe, a former Philadelphia resident, is looking forward to the weekend pyrotechnics.

“Love, love, love fireworks! Some of my best memories are of fireworks, ”said Crowe.

At Harrisburg, the state Senate is also divided on this issue. In 2017, lawmakers passed Law 43 that legalized the sale of Class C fireworks such as Roman candles and bottle rockets to residents. Since then, opponents have wanted to repeal the bill, citing noise and quality of life problems as well as safety risks and environmental pollution from the chemical explosions.

Two newly-introduced bills are reviving the call for repeal, but they are unlikely to get the votes they need, according to a report by City and State.



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