PETA calls for vegan meals for a Utah man accused of shooting his father for false chicken wings



GENEROUS, Utah (ABC4) – An animal rights organization demands Utah man accused of shooting his father for bringing home the wrong kind of chicken wings to only get vegan meals in jail.

In late October, 30-year-old Alika Suliafu was arrested by the Bountiful Police for attempted murder and the surrender of a gun after shooting his father. Fortunately, Suliafu’s father ducked and the bullet missed the man and hit the neighbor’s dishwasher instead.

Now, PETA’s Executive Vice President is encouraging law enforcement to feed Suliafu vegan meals only as a “first step in promoting compassion.”

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“Suliafu could have killed his father for getting a chicken wing order he didn’t like – vegan food could reduce that bloodlust and might even help protect staff and neighboring inmates,” said Tracy Reiman in a letter to the Davis County Sheriff Kelly Sparks. Reiman goes on to explain that vegan foods would be beneficial to Suliafu’s health, save tax money and end a cycle of violence.

This is not the first time PETA has requested vegan meals for inmates. In July, PETA asked the director of New Hampshire Prison for men to feed a man convicted of setting fire to a chicken coop and killing the birds in it to eat only vegetable meals. Last fall, PETA has the same request for one Indiana man convicted of the murder and cannibalization of his girlfriend.

The Davis County Sheriff’s Office did not immediately respond to ABC4’s request for comment.



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