Phoenix Children’s Hospital sends an email identifying unvaccinated staff | Coronavirus in Arizona


PHOENIX (3TV / CBS 5) – Phoenix Children’s emailed nearly 370 employees identifying them as exempt from the hospital’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

“Wow, what a pretty blatant violation of the law. It’s impressive how straightforward it is,” said Alexander Kolodin, a nurse-hired attorney, in the email. “This is something that should never have happened, and when something happens that should never have happened, and it hurts people if it puts them in a position where people condemn them because something very private has been revealed people have the right to receive compensation for it. “

Kolodin is an attorney with the Davillier Law Group and has worked on medical legal issues across the country. He was held by a nurse who wishes to remain anonymous at the time.

ADHD interim director Don Herrington said in a blog post on Wednesday that “Arizona is ready” to vaccinate children pending approval from the Food and Drug Administration.

“My reaction to the email was that I feel judged in the community as well as in my workplace because it feels more like a hostile environment to be judged just for vaccine status,” the nurse said.

The email was sent from the employee relations department, according to this nurse. The purpose of the email was to inform exempt employees of new minutes that will take place on October 18th; The carbon copied in the email was 368 Phoenix Children employees who were granted a medical or religious exemption from the COVID-19 vaccine.

“My biggest fear is, my goodness, this is a hospital that when people try to give them all sorts of sensitive medical information, and when they can’t do this right, what else is wrong? said Kolodin.

“If this is the first thing that comes out as an invasion of privacy, what else do you know that has leaked previously or that might have leaked in the future?” asked the nurse.

Many people in the email replied, explaining their disappointments. One wrote, “Your email identifies every single person who has requested an exemption. This appears to be an occupational / health data invasion.”

Phoenix Children's Hospital

Kolodin is about to file a formal complaint against the hospital. He also said he was “heavily” considering a class action lawsuit.

Kolodin’s client said she had heard from other nurses who filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Health for a HIPAA violation.

“Employers require their employees to get the injection and disclose it to the employer, the employer should keep this information and information about exceptions very, very confidential, and they didn’t,” said Kolodin.

Kolodin is about to file a formal complaint against the hospital. He also said he was “heavily” considering a class action lawsuit. If you are interested in participating in the class action lawsuit, give the Davillier Law Group a call.

Arizona’s family turned to Phoenix Children’s for comments several times; they have not yet responded.

Phoenix Children’s Hospital requires all employees to be vaccinated by October 1st

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