Pinwheels at Hemisfair celebrate Children’s Mental Health Awareness Month


SAN ANTONIO – A Colorful Garden of Hope debuted at Hemisfair on Friday afternoon. Five hundred pinwheels turned up for Children’s Mental Health Awareness Month.

The Clarity Child Guidance Center hopes the pinwheels will encourage parents to share their thoughts and feelings with their children. The center serves children ages 3 through 17 throughout South Texas.

Pinwheels can represent childhood, joy and playfulness, and just as pinwheels spin, Clarity says they could also symbolize how children can do the same.

“You can always improve your mental health with the right tools and help and support,” said Ciara Sánchez. Sánchez, Marketing and Development Coordinator of Clarity CGC. “You can start talking about identifying their emotions instead of, you know, the regular bouts or feelings of frustration that they show. We can start by asking them to use their words.”


Sánchez said mental health awareness among children in South Texas has become increasingly important. Conditions can range from ADHD and anxiety to suicidal ideation, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, among others.

“We’ve been busy for the last three years,” said Sánchez. “It (has) become an even bigger problem arising from COVID. Children have lost this social interaction. You are isolated. They’re anxious, then they go to school and they’re behind in school.”

The Pinwheel Garden is located at the southern end of Yaniguana Park in Hemisfair.

Each pinwheel has a message that reads, “Take a pinwheel for Mental Health Awareness Month!” Wind turbines remind us that children can change their lives.”

To learn more about the Clarity Child Guidance Center, click here.


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