Pizza Hut, GBK and more serve kids’ meals with unacceptably high levels of salt


Health campaigners have warned that several established restaurant chains in the UK are serving dishes with unacceptably high levels of salt to children.

A third of the meals surveyed by Action on Salt (34%) contained 2g or more salt – or two-thirds of the maximum daily allowance for four to six year olds.

Of the 302 meals studied, 41% were high in salt and contained more than 1.8g.

The saltiest meal was Gourmet Burger Kitchen’s cheeseburger with skinny fries, which contained 4.8g of salt.

Restaurants have been urged to gradually reduce the amount of salt added to their dishes, with a target level of no more than 1.71g for children’s meals.

However, almost half (43%) of survey meals exceeded this level.

More than three-quarters of the meals served at Gourmet Burger Kitchen and Pizza Hut exceed the salt target.

More than three-quarters of meals at GBK and Pizza Hut exceeded salt target (Canva)

Meanwhile, all children’s meals from Brewer’s Fayre, Burger King and Ikea fell under 1.71g, Action on Salt said.

In some cases, the survey found that similar dishes contained significantly different amounts of salt depending on the restaurant, with Prezzo’s Spaghetti Bolognese containing 3.2g compared to Beefeater’s Spaghetti Bolognese containing 0.3g.

Nutritionist Sonia Pombo of Action on Salt said: “It has been three years since our last survey uncovering the unacceptable salty dishes being served in UK restaurants and it is now perfectly clear that no progress has been made were achieved.

“These stark new findings should be a wake-up call for the sector to make children’s health a priority.”

Graham MacGregor, Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine at Queen Mary University of London and Chair of Action on Salt, said: “Gradually reducing the amount of salt added to our diet is the most cost-effective way of lowering blood pressure and therefore reducing it Reducing thousands of strokes and heart diseases caused by this excessive salt intake.

“Ministers must now force recalcitrant restaurants to stop adding all that salt with a mandatory reformulation programme, better labeling and restrictions on marketing and promotions to truly stop this deluge of unhealthy food being served and endangering the future health of our children. ”


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