Planta at Home delivers your favorite vegan dishes straight to your home


Vegan restaurant chain Planta is dedicated to making a difference by celebrating the power of plants. Founded in 2016 by founder and CEO Steven Salm and co-founder and executive chef David Lee, Planta restaurants offer diners sustainable, tasty, and 100% plant-based dining at their 10 restaurants in Florida, New York, Bethesda and Toronto.

If you are not near a Planta location, you can now enjoy Planta from the comfort of your own home with just a few clicks! Launched in November 2020, Planta at Home ships Planta’s signature favorites nationwide within the United States and Canada. Like the Planta restaurants, everything at Planta at Home is 100% plant-based. Each dish is prepared by chefs in the kitchen at Planta’s South Beach location, vacuum sealed, dry ice packed and delivered overnight right to your door.

VEGWORLD had the opportunity to sample a selection of Planta at Home offerings and they were not disappointed! With dishes ranging from pizzas and burger kits to sweet treats like cinnamon rolls and cheesecake, as well as pantry items like Buffalo Mayo and Chili Oil, there’s a plethora of options to choose from. Needless to say we were very excited to dig in and try everything.

We were immediately impressed with how carefully everything was packed. There was no unnecessary packaging, and the dry ice kept everything frozen on the overnight trip from Florida to Southern California. Cooking instructions were included with each item, making it easy to prepare a quick and delicious vegan meal.

The product we chose for our first taste test was the Pizza Margherita. We followed the cooking instructions and within ten minutes we had a delicious vegan pizza that was hot and ready to eat. We sprinkled some Almond Truffle Parmalade on top, and we promise you’ll want to include a jar (or two) in your order so you can be like us and put it on everything. It’s just that good.

No taste test is complete without dessert, and we were more than happy to have a chocolate chip cookie in the afternoon. Planta chocolate biscuits are no ordinary chocolate biscuits. They’re huge, which makes them perfect for sharing (or not, we’re not judging). We enjoyed our warm cookie with a scoop of vegan vanilla ice cream we had in the freezer and we were in dessert heaven!

Every item we tried was a hit with us, and we were truly blown away by how easily Planta at Home made it possible to prepare a satisfying vegan meal that anyone would enjoy. Whether as a gift for yourself or a loved one, Planta at Home is a wonderful way to have delicious, plant-based meals prepared with compassion and care.

Try Planta at Home by visiting in the USA and in Canada. To find a Planta location near you, visit Planta’s websiteand be sure to keep an eye out new locations coming soon. Fingers crossed for one near you!

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Alora Middleton Hale (she/she) is the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of VEGWELT magazine. Like so many others, Alora’s compassion for all living things began as a child. A vegetarian since the age of six, she has now been vegan for six years and strives to bring her passion for spreading the joy of a compassionate lifestyle into everything she does. Alora lives in Southern California with her husband and enjoys art, vintage fashion, travel and eating nachos with extra guac.


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