PlayStation Store update adds new quality of life features



PlayStation Store is getting an update that will bring the PS5 marketplace a common feature found on other marketplaces, including Sony’s.

PS store update

The PlayStation Store on PS5 both in function and appearance is significantly different from its previous iterations. Lots of features have been requested for the PS5 store, and in a new update, PlayStation has made it a lot easier to keep track of interesting games.

As with any service, it’s never complete and only as a final update as a whole, with the PS5’s store being a prime example of this. While the PS5 is certainly functional and perhaps the most visually appealing version of the PlayStation Store to date, the PS5 is still getting new features to bring it closer to its competition. Just a few weeks ago, the PS5 store received a “New Games” section, a rather simple feature of the store that was surprisingly missing for almost a year. Additionally, however, users in the store can currently browse a variety of filters including editor recommendations, offers, and even offers for PS Plus members only.


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PlayStation announced a new update to the PS5 store on Twitter that will make finding deals less stressful. According to the tweet, gamers can finally add games to their PS Store wishlist on PS5 and enable push notifications when games from their wishlist are available for sale. These features also come to the PS app, including the ability to receive notifications of discounts. The wish list was removed from the PS Store in 2020 to harmonize its look and feel across platforms, a decision that many gamers were dissatisfied with.

While this update focuses on the PS Store for PS5, there are many more PS5 features fans will want for the console. One of the most desperately wanted features still has to do with the PS Store, which is a better system for upgrading PS4 games to their PS5 counterparts. The current design is pretty messy, some upgrades require additional purchases, others don’t, and the UI doesn’t make it particularly clear if users have an upgrade available. Fans want a more nuanced upgrade system like Xbox’s Smart Delivery, where games simply optimize themselves for the console they’re playing on, with no additional purchases.

This new PlayStation update is sure to be a welcome update for PS5 owners and especially those who get their games mostly digitally. The update suggests that PlayStation may have learned its lesson from last year that presentation shouldn’t come at the expense of feature. While many of the PlayStation deals are already live for November, December will be pretty handy just one PS5 Notification of the latest promotions of the month.

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