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The report “Economic Development: Europe, 2020: Frost Radar Report” has been added to offer.

This economic development report determines a region’s future growth and development potential as measured by its ability to improve the quality of life (QOL) for its citizens. This report examines Europe’s main strengths and weaknesses through assessments of growth and innovation initiatives at the country level, and then assesses each country against these two indices.

Europe faces a multitude of challenges in 2021, the economic effects of which will linger for years. This Economic Development: Europe, 2020 report examines the significant challenges facing the region’s growth environment, including the expected impact of Brexit and the regional COVID-19 vaccination campaign.

The main pillars of measuring any country’s performance are innovation in education, healthcare, the environment, infrastructure, human rights and security.

In this study, the publisher indexes the top 10 economies across Europe, Eastern Europe, and Western Europe to determine what makes them the regional front-runners.

In addition, 5 case studies provide an in-depth look at the innovation and growth environment of Germany, Norway, the United Kingdom, Denmark and Switzerland, including a unique perspective that can be used to promote economic growth. The radar is designed to enable governments, policymakers, investors and companies to identify strategic needs for future growth.


  • What are the regional strategic imperatives for governments in Europe?

  • Which countries are the regional innovation leaders?

  • Which countries are the regional pioneers in terms of growth?

  • How does Eastern Europe compare to the economic development of Western Europe?

  • What are the driving forces behind change in Europe?

  • What policies and plans have contributed to economic growth?

  • What is the future growth potential of European economies?

Key topics covered:

Economic development: top 10 countries in Europe

  • Economic Development: Competitive Environment in Europe

  • Economic development: Eastern Europe – top 10 countries

  • Economic development: competitive environment in Eastern Europe

  • Economic development: Western Europe – top 10 countries

  • Economic development: competitive environment in Western Europe

Select case studies from the country

  • Germany

  • Norway

  • United Kingdom

  • Denmark

  • Switzerland

Next steps: Use the report to empower key stakeholders

  • Importance of participating in the report

  • Empowers governments / politicians

  • Empowers investors

  • Empower the CEO’s growth team


  • Framework: 2 axes, 7 priorities

  • The axis of growth – economy, investment, citizens

  • The innovation axis – 6 pillars of social priorities

Countries covered

  • Germany

  • Norway

  • United Kingdom

  • Denmark

  • Switzerland

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