San Antonio is home to this fast growing vegan chain


In its first fiscal year, Project Pollo will have 14 locations serving soy-based sandwiches and burgers across Texas. The business started less than a year ago in San Antonio.

Project Pollo opened in September 2020 at the height of the pandemic-related business problems. Owner Lucas Bradbury took time between trips to Austin and Dallas, where he opened additional locations, to talk about the nation’s first vegan chicken fast food concept.

To date, San Antonio has five Project Pollo restaurants. Austin will have three. Dallas, Katy, Boerne and Waco will all also host a Pollo project.

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The vegan entrepreneur says he’s glad his plant-based business established itself in San Antonio.

“We are so proud to be from San Antonio. The fact that we were able to develop a vegan concept in the middle of a pandemic in San Antonio is the greatest achievement I have ever had in my entire career, ”says Bradbury. “Because the odds are against you. I didn’t worry for a second. We knew that if you showed up every day and put your team first and your community, they would stand behind you and support you in whatever.” You want to do. “

He notices restaurant owners in the vegetarian space cities like Austin, Portland or Denver. He says the vegetarian markets there will ensure a safe landing.

“But I’m not aiming for a vegan and vegetarian market. That’s not what we’re doing.” he adds. “We’re chasing everyone else because we’re trying to get people to have more flexible options.”

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Bradbury’s aim is ultimately to bring Project Pollo to areas that other companies “ignore”, like the Rio Grande Valley.

The local business owner, who co-owns Jetsetter and Pastiche bars, put plans into action for Project Pollo in June last year when its nightlife shops shut down and told family and friends how their vegan attempts were faced with pricey prices were. The first location, a food truck outside of Roadmap Brewing, opened in September.

Menu items average $ 7. Project Pollo offers sandwiches, wraps, nuggets, and more.

Bradbury says the secret to success is putting people – customers and employees – first. The owner doesn’t take a paycheck, he says.

The head of Project Pollo, who entered the industry as a dishwasher, wants his employees to experience similar growth in his company.

“We are putting every little bit of money back into the system so we can achieve our goal of providing affordable access to plant-based foods,” he says. “That is our greatest, that is our greatest driver.”

Business also has a giving component. In addition to Project Pollo’s daily “Pay-what-you-can” menu item, the company is also quietly running food gifts to help communities in need. Bradbury is planning a give-back event in July.

“We just want to feed our community, we really want to give back as much as possible,” he says. “It’s always at our expense, of course. We don’t ask anything in return. We literally want to make people happy and show them that there is a better way for them to eat and spend their money.”


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