Santorini opens first vegan hotel


The first fully vegan hotel has opened on Santorini.

Located in Firostefani village, MOD Santorini is currently a four-room boutique hotel that offers sea views, private balconies with hot tubs, and delicious vegan options.

MOD Santorini owner Anargyros (Argiris) Fousteris and his partner Christina Boutrou say the hotel has been designed to reflect their own eco-conscious lifestyle in order to “provide comfortable accommodation without our principles of living in harmony with our earth to affect. ”

“Mindfulness and relaxation should be the climax of a deeply relaxing vacation that offers the opportunity to bring body, mind and soul back into harmony and to bring them back into balance.”

MOD Santorini vegan hotel

MOD Santorini offers sustainable accommodation with a focus on nature and exclusive items such as vegan food and vegan natural cosmetics.

MOD Santorini offers guests a free vegan breakfast served in their rooms each morning.

The proudly vegan and cruelty-free menu includes freshly squeezed orange juice, MOD’s typical omelette filled with chickpea flour with mushrooms, a selection of baked goods and homemade jam (thanks to the owner yia yia).

The expanded room service menu features breakfast items like hazelnut and chocolate pancakes, waffles with mixed berries and spanakopita, as well as cold-pressed juices, smoothies, and lattes.

The lunch and dinner menus offer vegan burgers, quinoa Buddha bowls, falafel wraps, as well as wine and cocktails.

MOD Santorini vegan hotel

MOD Santorini vegan hotel

MOD Santorini vegan hotel

With its iconic whitewashed buildings, picturesque cliffs, and tangerine sunsets, Santorini is an island to discover. As part of its “conscious vacation” offering, where guests feel connected to nature and history, the hotel offers a variety of activities, including private picnics with sparkling wine and homemade pizza, a mezze board for two, and local vegan food and drink Wine tours, guided yoga classes and visits to traditional villages.

MOD Santorini vegan hotel

The MOD’s double rooms with sea and mountain views, each with an outdoor hot tub, are an inviting retreat for honeymooners and couples who want to experience the authentic side of Santorini in a comfortable, elegant space that is decorated in earth tones and environmentally conscious amenities carefully selected to promote wellness and relaxation.

The hotel’s double village view rooms have been designed with attention to detail, combining traditional and modern elements of Cycladic architecture, earth tones and offering a view of the neighboring Fira and the daily life of the locals for a calm and comprehensive experience of the authentic island lifestyle.

The furniture and fittings in the hotels, including the bed linen and bathroom cosmetics in the suites, have been selected so that they are not only luxurious, but also vegan, cruelty-free and sustainable.

The mattresses in the rooms are made from natural coconut fibers and the hotel bed linen is made from 100 percent cotton on site.

All rooms offer eco-friendly amenities and energy-efficient air conditioning and heating.

MOD Santorini vegan hotel

MOD Santorini vegan hotel

MOD Santorini vegan hotel

MOD Santorini vegan hotel

Originally built in the late 1970s, the family-owned hotel was closed for over ten years before it was passed on to their son Argiris from the original owners.

After completing the first phase of renovation, the hotel currently offers four suites on the first level of the room. When all construction is complete, MOD will offer 12 private suites on three levels.

In a current interview with the popular vegan magazine Vegetable NewsAustralian-born Boutrou says it was an easy decision for her and Fousteris to create a fully vegan hotel.

“When [I met] Argiris on my 2018 summer vacation, he already had plans to renovate the hotel and his dream was and is to create something that represents the tradition and heart of his family hotel, ”says Boutrou, who is completely vegan after moving to Santorini was moved from her home in Australia in 2019.

The couple realized that traveling as a vegan could be problematic with limited choices on destination islands like Santorini.

“We knew … that we should use our space to serve our people and create a completely vegan hotel,” said Boutrou. “When I was supposed to cook breakfast, I was definitely not allowed to handle animal products. It was a clear path for us and we are proud to have made this leap. “

MOD Santorini vegan hotel

Although friends and family have voiced their fears that a vegan hotel devoid of bacon and eggs is doomed, the couple believe in their endeavors.

“There was no other way to convince us,” said Boutrou. “It is time for the hospitality industry to change.

“We are proud to be pioneers in this on our island of Santorini.”

The couple named the hotel “MOD Santorini” to represent the combination of modern comfort with traditional values ​​and nature, which has created a unique and beautiful result.

For its opening month special, MOD Santorini is offering up to 50 percent discount for bookings in October.

MOD Santorini:

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MOD Santorini vegan hotel

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