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It seems like any property, empty, sold, or never built, will be built with multiple homes and developments in South San Francisco.

South City used to be a nice place to live.

The infrastructure cannot support that much development. Many apartments and flats have not yet been sold or are unoccupied in their third year.

And we haven’t even received state and state mandates.

If they want to toss our tax money around (remember, we’ll all be paying for infrastructure for the rest of our lives and our children’s lives), they’ll have to widen the streets to accommodate the traffic (believe me, not every single SSF- Resident will use public transport – check out the complaints if someone parks in front of someone else’s house), upgrade the sewer system – and water … no one is talking about our seven year drought.

Enough is enough! Other cities might build a few hundred units each year, but in South City we see that amount in just one evolution – multiplied by how many that have been or are to be developed?

Time for a regime change. It really is too late, but maybe we can save a little bit of sanity and preserve what little quality of life we ​​have left.



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