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Team Tyndall is scheduled to provide new military housing for service members beginning later this month as part of a $42 million build to rebuild housing.

Construction was prompted after the base housing was declared uninhabitable in 2018 due to damage from Hurricane Michael. The Category Five storm alone caused $280 million in damage to base shelters.

Airmen now have more housing options as 15 apartments per month are expected to be ready for occupancy by August 2023.

“The houses were stripped down and renovated,” said Courtland Saunders, chief of military housing for the 325th Civil Engineer Squadron. “We also treated the houses with mold treatment. They are basically brand new homes with all new appliances.”

All homes are screened for health and safety concerns such as exposed wiring, fall hazards, running water and more.

The first four months of the homes are reserved for the junior aviators. Homes assigned to juniors will be maisonettes, while single-family homes will be assigned to non-commissioned officers and above.

“Access to basic accommodation gives our Airmen a better quality of life,” said Saunders. “From being close to work to peace of mind while the kids play outside, basic housing provides a sense of security.”

Balfour Beatty Communities, the Department of Defense’s primary housing provider for military facilities, provides Tyndall neighborhood amenities including tennis and basketball courts, a pool, weight room and community center.

“At the end of the day, our service members are making the greatest sacrifice possible for their country,” said Quintel Davis-Ostrander, housing specialist for the 325th Civil Engineer Squadron. “You deserve to have a great place to live.”

In March 2020, 97 homes were made available for Airman and families, a minimal number compared to the 867 homes used before Hurricane Michael. A total of 209 apartments are scheduled to reopen in this residential iteration, with an additional 289 apartments expected to be renovated in the future.

The comfort of Airmen and their families is a top priority for the 325th Fighter Squadron and the Department of Defense during Tyndall’s $4.9 billion transition to the “Installation of the Future.” Much like all recovery efforts, the steady increase in housing options for service members is another example of the resilience through adversity and the strength behind Team Tyndall.

To be placed on the housing waitlist, visit and locate the Housing Early Assistance Tool (HEAT) to get started.


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