September update cycle: U of A Leading Global Challenge; COEHP passes engineering for third place


Ten more days in the September cycle and the competition is still heating up!

For the entire month, campus community members have been cycling and recording their miles as the U of A participates in this global cycling challenge. The competition started on September 1st, but it’s not too late to register! New drivers can join anytime this month and still be eligible for prizes. The drivers can keep track of how many CO2 emissions they avoid, how many calories they burn and how many kilometers they drive!

Ultimately, the miles driven and our competitive place are less important than the benefits of cycling – using a bike to get there and back keeps you healthy, reduces our carbon footprint, and helps us build a more active and vibrant community.


In the intra-college competition, the College of Education and Health Professions (with just nine drivers) has just gotten the College of Engineering out of the way and is aiming for Walton College for second place! With 10 days left, it’s still everyone’s game! Recruit your colleagues, it’s not too late …


Amy Ference and Nick Waltke


Visit to register and start tracking your miles.

Keep earning miles (and invite your friends to join in) so we can win! If you use the Strava app to record your rides, you can link it to your Love to Ride account so that your rides are automatically logged in your profile.

About the Office for Sustainability: The mission of the University of Arkansas Office for Sustainability is to motivate, facilitate, and coordinate responsible practices through partnerships with students, faculty, and staff in all campus departments. The OFS uses the campus as a living laboratory by overseeing the implementation of the University of Arkansas’ environmental goals. These programs are part of the UA Resiliency Center hosted by the Fay Jones School of Architecture and Design and are supported by UA Facilities Management.


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