Shaken by surprising losses, Democrats sound the alarm for 2022



But MP Sean Patrick Maloney, chairman of the Democratic Congress campaign committee, had no doubt.

“Glenn Youngkin got away with giving everything to everyone, and we can’t let that happen,” Maloney said, adding, “House Republicans have tossed their lot on the toxic Trump agenda of lying about the election.” to minimize the pandemic, to ignore the attack on the Capitol. “

The Democrats’ defeats on Tuesday, though more unexpected, were not as overwhelming as the last time the party controlled the presidency and Congress in 2009, when Republicans won the Virginia governorate by 17 percentage points, as well as the New Jersey governorate . Increasing polarization has anchored Democrats in some suburban jurisdictions such as Fairfax County in Virginia, which McAuliffe carried 30 percentage points over on its comeback offer.

Those suburban voters, who continue to despise Trump, may not be available to Republicans next year. However, the country’s growing polarization has two sides, and the massive losses the Democrats suffered in rural Virginia and New Jersey showed they were at great risk of losing even more low-population states and counties over the next year.

What makes Democrats optimistic is the notion that their candidates ran against an unsightly backdrop of internal party legislative disputes this year, but will have great achievements to trumpet next year.

“If we talk about the process we lose, but once the process is done we will have a lot to say about what we do for real people,” said John Anzalone, pollster for Mr. Biden.

Of course, the Democrats had an opportunity to promote the Affordable Care Act in the 2010 midterm election and were still suffering massive losses – in part because they didn’t focus enough on reviving the post-recession economy.



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