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Lee Ramey – or, as it is colloquially known, “The Mildude” – has spent 30 years in countless homes around Birmingham that have suffered from underlying problems of a concrete basement or a dirt crawl.

He wants to expose unhealthy crawls, to which the residents can feel or see high humidity, break floors, crack foundations, musty smells, mold in wall cavities, damp or mold in the attic, allergies and respiratory diseases.

“No matter what time of year, wet, uncomfortable crawl spaces can devastate your home and your family’s health,” said Ramey.

Ramey said crawl spaces shouldn’t be part of the breathing environment, but because of the stacking effect, air flows up from the bottom of your house – like an unfinished basement or crawl space that becomes part of your living space. He points out that studies have shown that 25 to 50% of the air we breathe on the first floor of our home comes from the basement or crawl space.

“That means that all levels can be affected by moist air and pollutants,” said Ramey. “High relative humidity causes rot, mold and loss of energy and attracts pests.”

Moist air needs more energy to cool in summer and more energy to heat in winter, he said, which puts more stress on your heating and cooling system and increases energy costs. Even if your device is in the crawl space, the depressurization will push bad air up into the house.

So where does the moisture that plagues your basement or crawl space come from? The moisture comes from any or all of five sources: moist air; Groundwater seepage evaporates; Concrete walls and floors that give off moisture; Dew point of air ducts; or water events in the house or pipe leaks from the house.

“That moisture can get into your home through steam,” said Ramey. “This is caused by the stacking effect. The organic material your house is made of soaks up moisture and allows mold to grow in your wall voids. ”

But “The Mildude” is here to help. He and his team are always available for a call to ask further questions about an interior form inspection for your apartment or room air test.

“Since we were in the rainy season, now is the best time to check the condition of your crawl space or basement,” said Ramey.

To show how serious he and his team are with the health of your home and the health of your family, Ramey is offering a special 12-point crawlspace rating and a questionnaire for a healthy home free of charge until December 30th, 2021 usually a $ 139 value. To take advantage of this offer, just use the code HG_2021, Ramey said.

“I’ve spent years perfecting a healthy way to remove mold from crawl spaces and homes, along with water management solutions to prevent mold,” he said.



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