Spending time outside and getting a good night’s sleep



For many people, the restrictions imposed during the COVID-19 pandemic have dramatically changed the daily routine and limited time outdoors. Photo credit: Dr. Korman

For many people apply during the COVID-19 The pandemic dramatically changed the daily routine and limited time outdoors. In a study published in Journal of Sleep Research including 7,517 adults from many countries surveyed during COVID-19 restrictions 2020, average levels of sleep quality, quality of life, physical activity and productivity deteriorated, while screen time increased and time spent outdoors during the day decreased ; however, many survey participants reported no changes or even improvements. Longer sleep and less use of the alarm clock have been associated with better sleep and quality of life.

Greater reductions in time spent outside in daylight have been associated with deterioration in wellbeing and delayed sleep.

“Our results suggest that strategies to improve well-being in social disabilities should encourage more daylight and good sleep,” said lead author Maria Korman, PhD, MSc, of Ariel University in Israel.

Reference: September 22, 2021, Journal of Sleep Research.
DOI: 10.1111 / jsr.13471



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