Stock futures rise as S&P 500 tries to add record



Futures linked to major US stock indexes rose at the start of the overnight session on Sunday night after the S&P 500 set a new record on Friday, as well as the highest week since February.

Futures linked to S&P 500 Increased by 0.1% Dow Jones Industrial Average I advanced 47 points. Nasdaq 100 Futures have been traded around flat lines.

Stocks posted their best week in months on Friday, as investors were more relaxed about inflation and viewed the current acceleration in US prices as a temporary rise rather than a lingering economic threat.

The S&P 500 closed at a high of 4,280.70 on Friday, but the Dow Jones rose 237.02 points, less than 2% of the record. The Nasdaq Composite edged lower on Friday, but rose 2.35% on the week, the highest since April 9 and up 4.45% in June.

Weekly increases were also seen after the Commerce Department reported in May that inflation indicators rose 3.4%. This is the fastest increase since the early 1990s.

A surge in the consumer staples price index may cause heartburn for investors as the Federal Reserve Board of Governors prefers to watch for signs of inflation. Nonetheless, the rise actually fell short of what economists surveyed by Dow Jones predicted, reinforcing investors that price increases in the economy were likely temporary and manageable.

The following key economic data June employment report, The Ministry of Labor will release it on Friday.

Economists expect the non-farm payroll to increase by 683,000 in June. 559,000 MayWith the exit from the Covid-19 crisis, the US economy is still below the expected recovery of a million.

Investors are also explaining signs of wage inflation as employers struggle to find workers to fill the jobs and unemployment benefits during the pandemic period decline in some states. Examine yourself.

Large-scale bipartisan trade in infrastructure appears to have rejuvenated Sunday night after President Joe Biden revealed on Saturday: He is not going to refuse the legislation If there is no individual settlement bill supported by the Democratic Party.

The president, a neighbor of a bipartisan group of senators, said on Thursday: The group had reached billions of dollars in transactions After weeks of negotiations, to improve national roads, bridges, waterways and broadband. The Democratic Party is pushing for a second bill that includes funding issues such as climate change, child care, health care and education.

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