Sunil Antil’s great victory in parasport sets a new record


“The Marinesir has played a huge role in my career. I learned a lot from him. He’s such a knowledgeable person. He’s the one who taught me. He can observe an athlete and give a lot of tips, especially technical ones,” says Sumit. (Image credit: Instagram/ Sumit Antil)

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New Delhi: Sumit Antil broke the world record at the 2022 Indian Open National Para Athletics Championships in the F64 javelin throw. Antil set a world record at the Tokyo 2021 Paralympics, winning gold with his throw of 68.55m. At the 2022 Indian Open National Para Athletics Championships, he set a new world record with his 68.62 meter throw on the third attempt.
Sumit Antil was an athlete from a young age and wanted to be a wrestler. However, he had an accident in 2015 and his leg had to be amputated and after a layoff of 53 days he was taken to the Pune Artificial Limb Center where he received a prosthetic leg.
His ambitions of becoming a wrestler were dashed and he was later introduced to parasports. This gave him a target, and using the parashot putter Virender Dhankar, he was introduced to AFI para-track and field javelin instructor Naval Singh, who encouraged Antil to take up the sport.

Naval told “When I first saw Sumit I had to motivate him a lot. He wanted to be a wrestler, but this career path was not possible at the time. Sumit is of good size and build. He was 6’2 and had a good build. I knew if I worked on him, he could work wonders. I was able to convince him to switch to javelin throwing and he started training under me.”

After being introduced to parasport, Antil has broken multiple records and won multiple medals for the country. Here’s how prostheses can help you improve your life.

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Disclaimer: The tips and suggestions mentioned in this article are for general informational purposes only and should not be construed as professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor or a nutritionist before beginning any fitness program or changing your diet.


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