The 5 most important quality of life features in Minecraft 1.17 Caves and Cliffs update


Last month’s Minecraft 1.17 Caves and Cliffs update added over a hundred blocks and items, making it one of the biggest updates ever. Along with the new content, Mojang has added some QoL features to improve the gaming experience.

Quality of Life (QoL) features are designed to make the Minecraft experience more enjoyable. Mojang is happy to accept feedback and implement the features Minecraft players want.

Although the 1.17 update did not bring about a generation change, it nonetheless became a massive update. Some players may have missed hidden QoL features that were added in Part 1 of the Caves and Cliffs update.

Quality of life features in Minecraft 1.17 Caves and Cliffs update

# 5 – moss blocks

Moss block (image via Mojang
Moss block (image via Mojang

While update 1.17 didn’t add any new biomes, Mojang made sure to add blocks that will be naturally generated in future biomes. By using bone meal on a moss block, players can turn stone-like blocks into moss.

This way, players can easily remove blocks as moss can be broken down instantly without tools.

# 4 – tinted glass

Tinted glass (Image via TheGamer)
Tinted glass (Image via TheGamer)

Tinted glass is a new type of glass that prevents light from passing through. With tinted glass, players can finally see what’s going on in their mob farm. All of the other types of glass available in Minecraft let light in and prevent mobs from spawning.

# 3 – packages

Bundles have yet to be officially added to Survival Minecraft. However, players can get them in 1.17 with commands or a data packet. They’re like a smaller and cheaper version of Shulker boxes.

Bundles can be obtained fairly easily at the beginning of the game. With them, players can carry many items in their inventory.

# 2 – MLG in the Nether

In Minecraft 1.17, players can now escape fall damage in the sub-realm, similar to the MLG water bucket. Most Minecraft players know that once water is placed in the nether, it evaporates. Because of this, players always had to watch out for fall damage.

Players can do MLG in the Unterreich with powder snow pots. Although it is a block of snow, it does not melt in the Nether.

# 1 – binoculars

Spyglass Recipe (Image via Minecraft)
Spyglass Recipe (Image via Minecraft)

Spyglass is one of the newest additions to Minecraft. It’s arguably one of the best features for gamers without zoom mods. You can see what is happening somewhere remotely through binoculars.

By combining binoculars with a zoom mod, players can see locations 100 blocks or more away. You can make binoculars with copper bars and shards of amethyst.

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