The 7 best hair dryers for fine hair


Whether you want a smooth, sleek blowout or a voluminous, textured look, the right blow dryer can help you achieve it without damaging your fine hair. Because fine strands are more prone to heat damage, the best hair dryers for fine hair offer gentle, even heating with ceramic technology and multiple heat settings so you can control the heat. And while they’re not always recommended for very fine hair because they can get in the way of adding volume, blow-dryers with ionic and tourmaline technology can also be good choices when you’re looking to reduce frizz.

When shopping for the best blow dryers for fine hair, ceramic options are the gold standard as they distribute heat evenly and regulate temperatures well, helping to protect strands from damage. But many blow dryers on the market also use ionic or tourmaline technology, which emits negative ions to speed up drying time and smooth hair. The downside is that negative ions can easily straighten hair. So if creating volume is your priority, avoid ionic and tourmaline hairdryers or choose one with the option to turn the technology on and off so you can only use it when you want to tame frizz.

The power of your hair dryer also plays a role. Although higher wattage styling tools produce more heat for quick-drying hair, they can damage fine hair. Stick to 1300-1875 watt blow dryers to avoid heat damage.

The best hair dryers for fine hair below also feature multiple temperatures and most have multiple airflow settings and a cool shot button to dial in your style. And of course, they have the approval of other fine hair Amazon shoppers too – so read on to find the right one for your curls.

This ceramic hair dryer from Revlon has three heat settings, two speeds and a cold start button. It also has an optional ionic feature that you can toggle on and off if you want a sleeker style. The hair dryer comes with a diffuser attachment to create volume and dry curls, and a concentrator to direct the airflow. The popular hair dryer has received more than 3,000 five-star reviews from hair enthusiasts on Amazon and has 1,875 watts of power to dry fine hair without damaging it.

A helpful review: “I have fine, straight hair and lots of it, and it still dried in 5-6 minutes. Much faster than before with no static and damage. I love the settings controls; I use the warm high setting and it really makes my hair look soft and healthy with no frizz.”


The popular hair dryer with 4.7 stars

With more than 6,000 reviews and an overall rating of 4.7 stars, this Conair hair dryer is another great choice for fine hair. The ceramic hair dryer has an optional ion setting as well as three heating levels and two fan speeds to choose from. It comes with a volumizing diffuser and a hair-smoothing concentrator. It also has a cool shot button to set your hairstyle and operates at 1,875 watts.

A helpful review: “It has incredible ‘wind’ power and dries hair quickly and gently. I have very fine, straight hair, so I rely on a non-ionic flow to get it dry and fluff it up before styling. Once my hair is dry I use the ionic setting on low airflow to add shine and style the ends.”


The best budget hair dryer

This Revlon hair dryer comes at a great price and is backed by more than 8,000 five-star reviews. But despite the sub-$20 price point, it’s still a powerful ceramic blow dryer that operates at 1,875 watts and has three heat settings and two speed settings to choose from. Turbo airflow button speeds up drying time and can be used at low temperature to avoid damage to fine hair. There is also a cold start button and the hair dryer comes with a diffuser. However, it is an ionic hair dryer and this particular feature cannot be turned off.

A helpful review: “I have medium length, fine curly hair and needed a low setting and warm air and a good diffuser that doesn’t sit directly on your hair… check, check and check. Perfect for drying without blowing your hair around to break up curls or cause frizz.


The best one-step hair dryer for more volume

This three-in-one tool styles, dries and adds body all at the same time and has received more than 6,000 five-star reviews. The brush has a mix of boar and nylon bristles to create texture and volume while being gentle on fine hair, and the dryer uses tourmaline and ceramic technologies for even heat distribution and frizz reduction – but because the tourmaline emits negative ions , he can become very flat fine hair. The styling tool has an output of 1,100 watts and offers three heating levels: low, high and cool.

A helpful review: “I used it on the high heat setting and finished on cool to set everything in place. Sooo much easier than the traditional brush and dryer. I have fine wavy hair so I have to brush it when I want to dry and blow dry it. It definitely saved me time and my hair looked amazing!”

With a folding handle, retractable cord and dual voltage, this Conair hair dryer is perfect to take with you when you travel. The 1,875-watt hair tool features ceramic and tourmaline technology and non-optional ionic conditioning, so you might want to pack a volume brush too. The travel-friendly hair dryer has two heat settings and a cold start button and has received more than 4,000 five-star reviews.

A helpful review: “This hair dryer perfectly meets my needs for the gym […] I have short fine hair but don’t have much time either and this dries my hair quickly and then folds into a compact fold. Great little dryer.”


The splurge with precise temperature control

The only non-ceramic option, this Cura Luxe hair dryer comes from a well-loved iconic brand and controls the heat digitally so you get a reliable temperature every time. It’s an ionic blow dryer, but it also has a volume boost button so you can get a frizz-free blowout without weighing your strands down. There are also five heat settings – the most on this list – along with two speeds and a cool shot button. The 1,875-watt blow dryer even has an auto-pause sensor that stops airflow when you put it down and restarts it when you pick it up.

A helpful review: “I love this dryer, it’s worth every penny! I have fine straight hair, I have NEVER managed to get a straight hair dryer at home, my hair has always been cooked and frizzy at the front. Plus it has an excellent cool shot for volume!”


A blow dryer that leaves hair “silky soft” according to reviewers

This ceramic blow dryer features a ceramic cylinder infused with crushed beads, which the brand claims condition and smooth strands. Plus, it’s another favorite with Amazon buyers who gave it an overall rating of 4.6 stars. The 1,875 watt hair dryer has three heat settings, two speed options and a cool shot button to set your style. It comes with concentrator and diffuser attachments. However, the ion conditioning function cannot be turned off.

A helpful review: “I have a lot of fine hair and struggle with frizz a bit […] I saw this dryer online and decided to check it out. It’s cheap, but Holy Cow works. My hair is straight and much less frizzy. It’s a bit heavier than my old Conair, but it’s a small price to pay for silky smooth curls!”


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