The Brownsville Children’s Museum hosts the annual Teddy Bear Clinic


BROWNSVILLE, Texas (ValleyCentral) – The Brownsville Children’s Museum ensures that community families are comfortable visiting doctors.

“This is the teddy bear clinic. It’s an event for children to lose the fear of going to the doctor, “said Brownsville Children’s Museum Education Manager Ada Beltri.

She said the teddy bear clinic has been going on for ten years and the museum plans to keep the event going.

“One of the most important tasks of the Children’s Museum is to enable children to learn through play, and that is no exception,” said Beltri.

Beltri explained that children could bring their favorite stuffed animals to the museum’s teddy bear clinic and the stuffed animal would then be examined at various stations.

“They all seem very excited. Some of them have been here before. They did it, they remember it, the kids love it and it’s really interesting to see all the teddy bears they bring, ”said the museum’s pavilion manager.

A family from Brownsville attended the event and said it was timing well for them.

“A few days ago my son had a mishap and I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to bring my son with me. Just so he can get used to the health sector and be comfortable with the medical staff, ”said Juan Hernandez of Brownsville.

Hernandez’s son Daniel recently broke his arm and visited the hospital, but little Daniel was now ready to take his stuffed toy Billy Goat to the teddy bear clinic for a check-up.

“I think the kids got a feel for a realistic view of the medical profession,” said Hernandez.

At various stations, children made their rounds to have their cuddly toys checked. The stuffed animal examinations ranged from eye exams to vaccinations.

Beltri said various organizations were in attendance to provide exams, health information and tips.

Elba Vasquez, Representative for the City of Brownsville Health Department, attended the event to provide tips on healthy eating.

“It encourages the children, the mothers, the parents, all to stay healthy,” said Vasquez.

Vasquez said it was important to make children and parents aware of the importance of staying healthy.

“For her well-being, I let her weigh her teddy bear or stuffed animal and of course also asked her about her favorite fruit or vegetables,” says Vasquez.

Each child received a card that could be stamped every time they visit the control station.

“As soon as they get all ten stamps at the ten stations that we have set up, the children get a ticket for a raffle, and that’s how the game ends,” said Beltri.

In addition, Beltri stated that this part of the event is keeping up with the museum’s mission of learning through play.

Beltri said the most important thing for the museum is to keep providing fun events for children and families.

For more information about the Children’s Museum of Brownsville and its events, visit their website or Facebook page.


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