The Caesar dressing shortcut that happens to be vegan


We all know hummus; This creamy chickpea-based spread is known to be served with warm flatbread and crunchy falafel. As a high-protein, plant-based food, hummus is a star in its own right — one that’s found in many vegan fridges. but Good Appetite states that when used as a substitute for mayonnaise in your homemade dressing, hummus is your shortcut to creamy vegan Caesar dressing in under five minutes. And no, it doesn’t even have to be the fancy kind.

As long as it’s plain hummus, you can use any old store-bought container. Then, when you get home and your Caesar salad calls for hits, take about 1/2 cup of your store-bought hummus, stir in all the other basic ingredients, and season to taste. In less than five minutes, you’ll have five-star Caesar dressing without the need to soak cashews. Of course, there are a few other ingredients that you need to substitute, but this is easy.

If your recipe calls for Worcestershire sauce, you can use a vegan version instead. Additionally, Minimalist Baker recommends replacing anchovies with capers — which weren’t even in the original Caesar salad (via Food & Wine) – to get that ocean flavor without the tiny canned fish. Other vegan additions could include extra lemon zest, hot peppers, or a sprinkling of crushed red pepper flakes The butcher’s daughter $16 Vegan Spicy Kale Caesar Too Bad.


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