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The team at 1047 games recently sent out an update for their popular first-person shooter title Splitgate. This update brings various quality of life improvements and bug fixes for players. Known simply as the September Update, it has been implemented across all platforms so that all players can see the improvement regardless of how they choose to play.

The biggest change with this update affects the game’s disguise system. Players are now able to climb ledges with much more freedom, allowing for more strategic verticality in combat. Additionally, with this update, Nvidia Reflex has been implemented into the game – PC gamers using Nvidia GPUs will cut precious milliseconds of response time and potentially bypass death when it matters most. Nvidia Reflex is not available on consoles.

Most exciting, however, are the much-needed voice chat improvements that have been implemented! They listened to the overwhelming feedback about the abandonment of the voice chat and now players can hear each other loud and clear as voice chat should no longer be cross-platform during a game.

If you want to check out the full breakdown of what the September update brought in Splitgate, be sure to check out their website blog. I have to say that considering all of the FPS titles coming out in 2021 alone, it’s a smart way to go for the developers. The future of Splitgate could be brighter than expected!



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