The FSU Dance Marathon aims to raise more than $ 400,000 for children’s hospitals


TALLAHASSEE, Florida (WCTV) – FSU’s Landis Green Tuesday celebrations are designed to bring lots of green to a good cause

The university’s dance marathon group hoped to raise more than $ 404,000 in 26.2 hours.

The money goes to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, which treat more than 10 million children each year.

The FSU is focused on heart health during these 26.2 hours, but overall proceeds go to children with various diseases.

Tuesday was part of a year-long campaign to raise money for children in need of specialized pediatric care. Over the years FSU has raised thousands of dollars to buy equipment for children’s hospitals.

“Any equipment that you see with the little balloon stickers means that we have raised money for that particular equipment, and they have used our money for it,” said Sabrina Mejia, external director of the dance marathon. “It’s so cool to see when you go to the hospital, these little stickers all over the place. It feels so special because you see what your money is actually used for. “

The FSU said it will announce how much money it has raised on Wednesday at noon.

If you want to donate, you can do so on the website of the FSU Dance Marathon.

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