The Mayor of Midland should be available; Transparency means no walls


What exactly is the role of the mayor? Please also describe your vision for the city and offer three things you would like to achieve by the end of the semester

Midland, my hometown, is a special place. It consists of wonderful young and mature people, families and professionals. Our prolific oil shale attracts workers from all over the world who make Midland their home or maybe just here for a short time. It is important that those in leadership positions understand the makeup of our city and create a community that provides solid infrastructure, housing for a variety of needs, water for today and for the future, and amenities for our children, young professionals and all who live in the big city.

Midland City Council consists of seven voting members, each with a single vote on all voting matters. The city council members are not elected managers as we have qualified managers in their respective positions and more than 1,000 employees to run the city.

The Mayor and City Council of Midland are elected leaders. We lead with vision and voice for all of our constituents in all districts.

I like to say Midland is a big county if we really think about it. My job as mayor is to ensure transparency between the city administration and the citizens. The council is designed to provide continuous communication on all city projects, budgets, emergencies and all areas affecting our business and livelihood.

Mayoral leadership also means being innovative. Doing business with City Hall should be efficient and effortless. City employees must be provided with the state-of-the-art tools needed to expedite applications and inquiries from residents. When we constructed the City Courthouse building, it was designed to support clients with the latest technology, treat inmates and criminals in a safer environment, provide courtrooms for a growing population, and areas for community service. Technology requires leadership to be proactive as our city grows.

The citizens of our community expect the council to make these difficult decisions and move our city forward in positive and responsible ways. Transparency means no walls. Your mayor should be reachable. As your mayor, it is my job as a city councilor to always be available and to listen to the concerns of our community. I strongly support District Council meetings with the City Council and Mayor present, will offer annual State of the City forums and will work closely with the other tax authorities.

The seat of the mayor also comes with great perks. The mayor can participate in school activities, welcome new businesses, help start businesses, work with state legislators on major projects to improve our community, and build good relationships with our sister cities. We are growing stronger in the Permian Basin as we combine our efforts to improve our West Texas metro.

As your past mayor, I have worked closely with my city council and department heads to create a master plan for overall city development, quality of life, downtown revitalization, roads, infrastructure, long-term water solutions, and the many challenges of a growing community. Strategic plans must be updated every few years and financial planning must always be calculated to understand the costs and upkeep of all projects.

If I am re-elected as your mayor, I will:

1. Be the voice you deserve. Providing transparency, good clear communication about all city activities, providing citizens and our employees with a strategic vision plan that can be achieved through strong and effective leadership.

2. Develop short-term and long-term plans that address water, roads, housing and quality of life through fiscally responsible financial planning.

3. Unify our community to work together. Leadership should include our nonprofit organizations, tax authorities, foundations, and associations that benefit our citizens and our city. Working in silos only slows down the process and consumes more resources.

I am grateful for the outpouring of support and encouragement to run for mayor. My leadership, experience, and efforts to work with past mayors and city council members are scattered throughout the city. I am committed to my community. I want my hometown to be a place that you are very proud to share stories with around the world. I will work hard and smart to give you this memory to share with others. Visit for more information


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