The real reason Jermaine Dupri switched to a vegan lifestyle



In a bold move, Dupri decided to go vegan to improve his health. However, he says, when he first heard about veganism from friends and acquaintances, he wasn’t exactly sure what it was. When he began his health journey with a 25-day fast, and after seeing a significant improvement in his body and general health, Dupri wanted to keep feeling good. He was told by friends, “You definitely have to go vegan to be even remotely close to what you’re feeling right now.” As he added in a recent Mashed interview, “From that point on, I just fell in love with feeling good and healthy.” And he stuck to it – Dupri has been vegan for 16 years and while passionate about the lifestyle, he doesn’t impose it on anyone. “It’s something that you really have to get into mentally,” he said. But he does encourage people to be careful how their bodies react to certain foods they eat.

Dupri was looking for a way to reach people who might be interested in trying vegan foods and his recently released JD’s vegan Ice cream could very well be the way to do it. Created by him personally, six flavors are currently available – more will follow shortly – and Dupri is bursting with pride at how good they taste. Key Lime Pie is his favorite dessert – and he says he experimented with it until he found the taste. In fact, it tastes good Exactly like the baked version (it even mixed in crumbled pie crust). “Even though it’s a dessert, it’s a hundred times healthier to eat than the other [stuff]. And that’s all I want people to understand, “he said.

All six flavors of Jermaine Dupri’s vegan ice cream are in JD’s vegan Website as well as at and Walmart stores nationwide starting December.



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