UK Government Asks Vegan Chefs About Plant-Based Foie Gras Alternatives



Britain will prohibit the use and sale of Foie gras, This prompted the UK government to look to vegan chefs for an alternative. In preparation for the ban, they invited vegan chefs to discuss plant-based alternatives to foie gras with UK government advisors.

The production of the liver product is extremely inhumane as ducks and geese are force-fed. The UK already does not allow this Production of foie gras due to animal cruelty, but they could still get foie gras from other countries, such as France. The UK has now decided that it no longer wants to support the cruel practice of making foie gras, whether in the UK or outside.

The government has contacted plant chefs across the UK in hopes of getting recipe ideas for foie gras alternatives. Many British chefs already serve plant-based foie gras, which gives them the unique opportunity to make their formula mainstream.

An email to vegan chefs called, “I heard that your restaurant serves an alternative to foie gras. We would appreciate it if you could arrange a virtual meeting with the chef or another person on the team to discuss some issues in this area. These would be questions about your views on foie gras and the challenges and opportunities associated with “ethical” alternatives. “

This ban is an amazing step for animal rights in the UK as the foie gras industry is unspeakably cruel and inhumane.

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