Update: Fresno State Plans to Implement a Menstrual Fairness Program by 2022-23


Fresno State released a statement March 18 in response to calls for greater menstrual fairness by Associated Students Inc. (ASI) Operations and Resident Affairs Senator Megan Torres.

“Since last fall, the Student Health and Counseling Center and Facilities Management have been working closely with ASI Senator Megan Torres to prepare for the implementation of the Menstrual Fairness Program, which we are required to implement. implemented by or before the start of the 2022-23 academic year,” said Fresno State Public Information Officer Lisa Boyles Bell.

According to Bell, Fresno State remains committed to advancing menstrual equity on campus in conjunction with Torres and the ASI Senate.

University officials commended the work of Torres and the ASI senate for helping provide free menstrual products before the mandatory deadline for the 2022-23 school year, she said.

“Sen. Torres has dedicated a great deal of time and effort to the initiative with stockpiling and restocking supplies, and we are grateful for his advocacy and support,” Bell said.

“We sincerely appreciate the proactive leadership of Senator Torres and ASI as well as the financial support – $5,000 – that ASI has provided to purchase supplies to help launch this program during this period prior to the effective date. mandatory.”

According to California Assembly Bill 367 (AB367), universities in the State of California are required to stock “an adequate supply of menstrual products, available and accessible, free of charge, in at least one designated central location and accessible on every campus”.

The university intends to be in full compliance with AB367 by the start of the next fall 2022 semester.


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