Urban Planner describes how we can design cities for a better quality of life


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Automobiles are such a central part of American life that we often don’t realize how dependent our day-to-day survival is on constant access to a vehicle. However, cities and towns are not always built to prevent easy, pedestrian access to basic needs, urban planner Andrés Duany told Tucker Carlson Today.

Duany said that with re-imagined urban planning and architecture, living spaces can be redesigned for freedom of movement and human interaction.

“I think what makes America pretty awful is that the car is mandatory. Yes, if you didn’t have a car almost on an individual level, every individual has a car. They would literally starve in a few days,” he told Duany.

“A new era”, more ecological and without fossil fuels, will open up after the coronavirus pandemic, says Italian architect and urban planner Stefano Boeri, known for his “vertical forests”.

Duany goes on to explain how the current city map, which makes cars a “mandatory” tool for people to get what they need, is profoundly affecting their lives and can actually be a barrier to freedom.

“The city map. It really affects your life. For example, a child who needs to be driven everywhere is a child without any freedom. You know, right? And an elderly person who can no longer drive is a prisoner , high So what we design are places that are walkable, especially walkable, where you can do your daily needs on foot.”

He goes on to discuss the importance of being able to walk to meet daily needs and how this practice died out along with the widespread adoption of the automobile.


“Until about 1950, before the car was widespread and before everyone basically had one. Everywhere, across cultures, you had to walk to your daily needs. It was absolutely normal. The Romans did it, the Chinese did it. Everyone made it. And then the car eradicated that discipline,” said Duany.

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