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When you think of vegan, most people only think of vegetables, but it’s so much more than that. It means that nothing comes from an animal. A vegan street market is coming to town full of food, fun and fashion. If you go, here’s another tip: leave the leather shoes at home. They are a no-go.

Time to go out. A festival is coming up in the MASS District of Fort Lauderdale. Just don’t ask where the beef is because you won’t find any.

Sean Russell, Veg Night Out: “Veg Night Out is the first purely vegan market in South Florida. It offers sellers of food, entertainment, clothing. “

It is time for veganism to shine.

Sean Russell: “We wanted to present the vegan lifestyle. We wanted to show people that it was fun. You can get out there, have fun, bring your family and guess what? You don’t even have to be vegan; you just come out and have fun. “

On Saturday, July 17th, at 6 p.m., vegan vendors will take to the streets.

Sean Russell: “People can expect to be vegan, listen to great music, see all the great companies here in the MASS District, and connect with people.”

Come hungry, because at Veg Night Out a world of flavors is served.

Melissa Guzman, Carbie Vegan Food Truck: “The Carbie Vegan Food Truck is very important to me. I just wanted there to be Latin American dishes, all vegan, just to teach people that you can eat vegan and still be very aromatic and combine different parts of the island in one dish. “

Tevin Jackson, Guest: “As a vegan, it is difficult to find places with good vegan food, and if we can get all the vegan places in one place in one night, it will be what we have prayed for. ”

Here is their mantra: you won’t miss the meat.

Melissa Guzman: “Not just vegans. I think if you are curious about vegan if you are having a good time try something different in the evening that is free, I think it will be a great event. ”

Vegetable evening
Sat., July 17th, 6-10 p.m.

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