Vegan activists raid stores and spill milk on the ground as they call for a ‘plant-based future’


Animal Rebellion carried out coordinated actions across multiple stores in London, Norwich, Manchester and Edinburgh as dismayed shoppers looked on

Young and well-dressed eco-hipsters joined Harrods in West London, Fortnum & Mason in Piccadilly, Waitrose in Edinburgh and Whole Foods and M&S stores at a so-called ‘Milk Pour’ demonstration.

They snatched milk containers from shelves and poured it across floors and counters while posting videos of their actions.

Animal Rebellion carried out coordinated actions across multiple stores in London, Norwich, Manchester and Edinburgh as dismayed shoppers looked on.

The meat counter at Harrods was attacked by eco-mobs, while the cheese counter at Fortnum & Mason was vandalized.

Animal Rebellion calls for a plant-based future and emphasizes the need to support farmers in the transition to a sustainable plant-based food system.

Lou Hadden, a Herefordshire charity worker who joined the campaign at Fortnum and Mason, said: “This is not how I imagined my weekend to be.

“Unfortunately, this hiatus is necessary to get those in power to listen to academics at Oxford, Harvard and the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change).

“The world’s top climate and agricultural scientists are calling for a transition to a plant-based food system.

“We need bold and resolute politics at this time, not the horror show we’re seeing right now.”

At the Waitrose in Edinburgh, protesters marched to the milk aisle and systematically dumped gallons of milk on the floor

The group puddled all over the aisle and continued the disruption after security guards approached them, one holding a sign that read “Plant-Based Future.”

After pouring out the cartons, the group sat on the floor in the milk and refused to leave the store.

Speaking about the protest, Hannah, 21, said they targeted the Edinburgh Waitrose to try to draw attention to the benefits of a plant-based future.

She said: “We urgently need the government to support farmers in the transition to a plant-based future. In a plant-based food system, farmers and rural areas alike would thrive. Instead of barren fields, we could see beautiful forests managed by independent, well-supported farmers.

“This is the critical solution to the climate and environmental emergencies ravaging the global south and seeing temperatures hit 40 degrees in the UK.”

Skylar Sharples, an international development graduate from Bristol and one of the Harrods protesters, was quoted as saying: “Animal Rebellion supporters are reappearing because (Prime Minister) Liz Truss and Ranil Jayawardena (Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Development Affairs) again choose to ignore calls to build a better future.

“A plant-based future would see a beautiful world for all of us, thriving with nature and life.

“The steps to adequately support farmers in this transition must begin now.”

“Milk Pours are happening across the UK at the moment. All are concerned individuals calling on the government to give us a future worth living, a #PlantBasedFuture,” Animal Rebellion tweeted this afternoon.

The same group slammed Fortnum & Masons just two weeks ago when activists from the group sparked fury by pouring milk over two luxury department stores in London in an anti-dairy protest.


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