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Central, Hong Kong, August 24, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – With a selection of healthy foods, La Taula continues to highlight plant-based cuisine so that people can experience delicious, healthy snacks and meals. The vegan cheese and confectionery range is packaged and delivered in ceramic bowls that can be reused or returned with a discount on the next order.

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The company addresses the market demand for nutritious, yet delicious and enjoyable food. The online shop started with its key product, vegan cheese, which is suitable for a gluten-free diet.

The new range of vegan cream cheeses is available in different flavors, from smoked truffle and pepper cream cheese to Szechuan chili cheese and algae.

Cheese remains one of the most popular foods in the world, but a study shows that eating cheese triggers the same part of the brain as many drugs. New research argues that cheese is addictive, much like drugs, due to a chemical found in dairy products called casein that can trigger the brain’s opioid receptors.

La Taula believes that eating is a sensual experience and should be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of dietary restrictions. The founder, head chef Kanch, has set herself the task of offering healthy plant-based cheeses and sweet options in order to create a distinctive gastronomic awareness of vegan-friendly food.

The most popular (bestselling) cheese product is the Sriracha cheese, which is smooth, creamy, flavorful with a tangy punch. All cheeses are delivered in ready-to-use ceramic bowls. After customers are done, they can reuse them or return them for a discount on their next order.

Customers could also use the ceramic bowls as containers for artisan soy-based candles. La Taula has partnered with Candle Up to do this and customers can get a 10% discount on their candles.

One satisfied customer wrote: “After recently switching to a gluten, dairy, and sugar free diet, I found it difficult to source compliant store-bought products in Hong Kong. The vegan cream cheese from La Taula has changed the rules of the game and is now an integral part of our dinner parties. “

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