Vegan father wins “emotionally draining” soy milk fight at school


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A vegan father won a battle against his daughter’s school after she refused to offer a soy alternative to her free school milk program.

The fight lasted nine months, but not before the 43-year-old began suffering from insomnia and anxiety due to stress.

Battle for soy milk

Paul Roberts complained to his five-year-old daughter Sophia’s school after she refused to offer free soy milk.

However, he managed to convince the staff at the Cranmore Infant School in the West Midlands, Great Britain, to reverse the decision.

She offered students free milk as part of a program, but initially only cow’s milk – and told Sophia that this was the only option.

In a statement published by The Vegan Society, Roberts said, “It’s been a really emotionally draining nine months.

“But I just hope that others can benefit from our struggle and that parents and children in school understand that they too have freedom of choice.”

Cow’s milk program

Roberts also wrote a letter to the headmaster last year. However, applications to include soy milk in the program were initially rejected – until the school management accepted the legal requirements.

He posted his plight on Facebook and was welcomed by the Chair of the Vegan Society, Dr. Jeanette Rowley, contacted.

“I am pleased with the outcome of Mr Roberts’ longstanding case. Sofia and other students can now drink a plant-based alternative to cow’s milk at school. And as part of the inclusion, the school will now examine how it promotes cow’s milk.

“All schools should understand their duties under the Equality Act 2010.

“And in particular, that public sector equality obligations require schools to consider the negative impact of policies on different groups of people and to do whatever is reasonably possible to eliminate the disadvantages of vegans,” said Dr. Rowley.


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