Vegan Pest Repeller Reveals Business Is Booming


The founder of a vegan pest control company has shown that business is booming as people are more sensitive to slaughter.

Kevin Newell is the founder of Humane Wildlife Solutions – one of the few vegan pest control services in the world. Instead of capturing and killing animals, his company instead scares them off and rejects them, a process he describes as a “humane, vegan, non-lethal and ethical alternative”.

Volunteering with wildlife as a teenager inspired him to work in wildlife conservation. Now, Humane Wildlife Solutions, serving across the UK, has won multiple awards including Vegan Wildlife Business 2021.

Vegan pest control

A recent interview with The times revealed that business for the company is booming in the face of the “modern sensibility to slaughter”.

In the interview, Kevin spoke about his advocacy for wildlife and convinced the public agency NatureScot to allow pest controllers to “bring gull chicks and eggs to wildlife rehabilitation centers during the breeding season”.

As a result, around 300 of the chicks – who would normally be killed – were rescued as pest controllers took up the idea of ​​moving the animals to new homes rather than killing them.

Kevin said, “One member of the team had to take six months off because he couldn’t cope with the trauma of breaking the baby bird’s neck. Everyone wins with my methods. “

Glue traps

He has also campaigned against the sale of glue traps in Scotland. A ban on the extremely cruel traps is said to be imminent.

Speaking about sticky traps earlier this year, Kevin said, “We need to start reassessing the way we look at wildlife because they are sentient beings.

“We’re not just stuck in a climate crisis, we’re stuck in a wildlife crisis. We are one of the most depleted countries in Europe in terms of wildlife. “

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