Vegan, plant-based ice cream that you can try based on your favorite taste


Dairy-free ice cream has come a long, long way. If you’ve had a version in the past that was chalky, icy, crumbly, and far from how ice cream should taste, we encourage you to try these new iterations. Nowadays, dairy-free ice cream can compete with its counterparts made from animal products – and often taste even better.

Whether you are lactose intolerant, want to cut down on your animal products intake, or just want to try something new, here is a guide to our most popular frozen plant-based desserts based on your preferred traditional flavor or ice cream.

Chocolate ice cream can sometimes be too milky and lose the fullness that makes chocolate so special. That’s not the case with So Delicious’s Dark Chocolate Truffle Flavor. This plant-based chocolate ice cream is made from cashew milk and is filled with chocolate stains. It really captures the depth of dark chocolate and is perfect for any chocolate lover out there. Trust us you won’t miss out on the dairy.

All Van Leeuwen dairy free ice creams are exceptional, but sometimes simplicity is the way to go. A mixture of cashew milk, coconut cream and cocoa butter results in an extremely creamy ice cream with sprinkles of Tahitian vanilla beans. Top it with hot fudge, nuts, strawberries or just eat it straight – it will still be satisfying.

Eclipse describes its ice creams as “cow-free creamy” and we agree that this is an accurate slogan. The strawberry flavor has the perfect balance between sweet and tart, with pieces of strawberry peppered everywhere. There are no crazy frills here – just a really tasty strawberry ice cream made from real strawberry puree. It’s also vegan and GMO-free.

Ben & Jerry’s blew us away when they introduced sunflower butter-based dairy-free ice cream. The texture is still full-bodied, like it was made from cream, yet it is magically devoid of animal products. The addition of biscuits instead of chunks of chocolate is a fun twist on a classic with a subtle hint of mint – just don’t expect any mutant green artificial color in this pint.

NadaMoo! has been making coconut milk-based ice cream since 2005, so the company has the experience to perfect plant-based ice creams. This sweet pint isn’t imbued with coconut flavors. In fact, the Cookies & Creme Pint is practically indistinguishable from real cream-based versions and is full of chocolate chip cookie sandwiches that we all know and love. It’s vegan, gluten-free, and just as good – if not better – than regular ice cream.

Oatly took the coffee world by storm with its creamy milk alternative. Now the brand is doing the same in the frozen dessert aisle. It only makes sense that Oatly would make an amazing coffee ice cream; This pint is bold without being bitter, creamy without being overwhelmingly sweet. Would it be wild to suggest adding a scoop of this ice to your morning coffee?

The nice thing about peanut butter ice cream is that peanut butter already has tons of fat in it to get the tongue-lining, thick texture of milk ice cream. Salt & Straw takes it one step further by adding peanut butter to its oat milk base before folding peanut butter-coated pieces of granola for extra crispness. The ice cream is rounded off with a ribbon made from even more peanut butter.

If you like salted caramel ice cream, give it a try MyMochi

Mochi ice cream is so much fun! For the uninitiated, a pre-portioned ice cream scoop is wrapped in sticky rice paper, creating a textural wonderland for your taste buds. The mochi wrapper stays sticky and chewy while the ice cream gives in with every bite. The salted caramel taste of MyMochi has the perfect balance between salty and sweet and is newly made from oat milk. It’s a unique take on salted caramel, and since the mochi comes in six pieces per container, this is also a great take-away ice cream.


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