Vegan protester was attacked while trying to preach about animal rights



A vegan protester was mistreated by Perth Royal Show staff after trying to preach about animal rights.

Tash Peterson stormed into a ranching event holding up a sign urging people to stop eating meat and stop agriculture from killing animals.

She urged audiences to avoid the industry’s “brainwashing and propaganda” which “celebrates and glorifies animal abuse, slavery and murder”.

“These gentle and innocent beings are brutally murdered and shot in the head,” she shouted. “They are just as gentle and loving as beloved dogs and cats.”

However, their protest did not last long.

Event organizers broke in and carried her away before she could preach more.

After the unpleasant farewell, Tash posted a video of the protest on her Instagram page and wrote next to the clip: “Violent farmers attack animal rights activists.

“There is no doubt that these people are used to violence when they react in this way to activists. Farmers are used to throwing baby animals around, beating them, dehorning them and neutering them without anesthesia.”

However, the Royal Agricultural Society of WA has repulsed claims that staff were “violent” towards them.

The organization said Tash waded into an arena with live animals and could have injured himself.

“We have trained stewards inside the ring to take care of the safety of our volunteers, our members and the animals in the ring,” it said in a statement.

“RASWA is a non-political organization that respects the fact that there are many views on different issues and respects the right of individuals to protest.

“However, when a person finds himself in an unsafe position, creating a potentially unsafe situation for others and the animals, it is our duty of care to act quickly.

“They were removed from the ring as soon as possible to minimize any potential threat to their own safety and the safety of others.

“We live in a democratic society and there are opportunities to express an opinion. Putting many people at risk, including your own, is not a safe way.”

Tash has previously said that she is ready to go to jail if it means she can continue to spread the word of veganism and get meat eaters to change their habits.



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